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Do you have aspirations to become an AASECT certified Sex Therapist, Sex Counselor, or Sexuality Educator? Would you like to become a Sexual Health Coach using Somatic principles? Or maybe you simply want to increase your knowledge and competency in working with topics and difficulties with sexuality in your practice or professional career? The Sexuality Training Institute has a program for you!  Explore our programs here or our calendar of upcoming workshops and webinars here.

Cultural competency and awareness of the intersectionality of identities is a guiding principle of the training programs at the Sexuality Training Institute.  Personal accountability for growth in awareness is encouraged, and inclusion of a diverse set of voices and experiences for participants in training is foundational.  Read more about our committment here.

Public speaking and private training events on a variety of topics are available from the founders of the Sexuality Training Institute.  

Check out the biographies of the founders and send us an e-mail for more information. 

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