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Learn the Knowledge and Skills to be a Sexuality Professional!

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The Sexuality Training Institute Sexual Health Certificate Program through the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health is a 12-month program designed for individuals who want to pave their career in the field of Human Sexuality.  


There are multiple tracks available, dependent upon educational background and individual goals as follows: 


For graduate level individuals who are licensed in the fields of Mental Health (Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Counseling, and Social Work), the educational track will help to prepare you for the possibility of board certification as a Sex Therapist.

For graduate level professions such as Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Clergy/Pastoral Counseling, the educational track will help to prepare you for the possibility of board certification as a Sex Counselor.

For individuals with a bachelor's degree, the educational track for Sexuality Education will prepare you for a career and the possibility of certification as a Sexuality Educator. 


Each program track consists of 150 credit hours that are designed to meet the AASECT requirements for certification in each respective certification designation.  The Core Knowledge areas make up 90 of those hours, and the remaining 60 hours correspond with in Sexuality Education, Sex Counselor, and Sex Therapy Training topics and competency areas required by the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) for certification as a Sexuality Educator, Sex Therapist, or Sex Counselor.

Coursework is delivered in a combination of dynamic in-person training weekends, engaging, comprehensive and informative web-based learning through self-paced e-learning courses, readings and reflection papers, and live webinar opportunities.    


There is also an option to participate in a Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR) experience to meet further AASECT requirements for certification.  The SAR is a 15-hour dynamic and engaging process of self-discovery, learning, and group process.  This experience is to focus on the participant's own feelings, attitudes, values, and beliefs regarding human sexuality and sexual behavior.  By design, this training is not group or personal psychotherapy or an academic experience.  While some information is given, it is meant to facilitate exploration, not on acquiring cognitive information.

While this program is designed to meet the competency areas aligned with AASECT, Completion of the program does not guarantee AASECT Certification, nor does the AASECT CES guarantee certification. 

*There are also options for individuals looking for Core Knowledge, Sexuality Education, Sex Counselor, or Sex Therapy CE components separately.  Please see corresponding page here.

Components of Training

Human Sexuality Education Core Knowledge Training - 90 Hrs.

This curriculum area includes course topics such as:

  • Ethics and Ethical Decision Making and Behavior

  • Developmental Sexuality across the lifespan from a Bio-Psycho-Social perspective

  • Socio-cultural factors to sexuality

  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Orientation, and Sexual and Gender Fluidity

  • Intimacy and Intimate Relationship

  • Diversity in Sexual Expression and Lifestyle

  • Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

  • Health and Medical factors of Sexual Health and Functioning

  • History and Development of Sexology and Sexuality Research and Education

  • And More!!!

Sex Therapy / Sex Counseling Training - 60 Hrs.

This curriculum area includes course topics such as:

  • Theory and methods of Sex-Related psychotherapy

  • Techniques of Sexuality assessment and diagnosis

  • Interventions within relationship systems

  • Interventions of Sexual concerns and difficulties in intimacy

  • Medical intervention of psychosexual diagnoses

  • Ethical decision-making and best practices in Sex Therapy and Sex Counseling

  • And More!!!

Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) - 15 Hrs.

Each SAR is a unique experience, with a particular focus for each one being held. Topics that may be a focus are:

  • Gender Identity, Expression, and Fluidity

  • Exploration of Fantasy 


  • Self-Pleasure Dynamics and Individual Sexual Exploration

  • Non-Monogamy

  • Sex Work

  • Sexuality and Aging

  • Sexuality and Disability

  • Religious and Spirituality attitudes and Sexuality  

  • And More!!!

Group Discussion
Online Learning

Cost and Payment

Program Structure

The Certificate Program is designed to  help pace individuals through a 12-month period to complete all 150 CE hours. 


On-line Asynchronous courses can be completed at any time throughout the program via our e-learning platform.  In-person intensive training weekends are set at intervals throughout the year, as are individual topic area synchronous webinars.  Program participants are able to construct their learning plans according to needs and availability of courses to fulfill each of the AASECT competency areas.  


Web-Based Learning

  • Core Knowledge - Up to 75 CE hrs.

  • Sex Therapy/Sex Counseling/Sexuality Education Training - Up to 30 CE hrs.

Live Synchronous  Learning

  • Core Knowledge - Minimum of 15 hrs.

  • Sex Therapy/Sex Counseling/Sexuality Education Training - Minimum of 30 CE hrs.

Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) - Optional at additional cost

Cost of the full CE program is $5,000.  For those who register, a $500 deposit is required at registration.  Payment plan options up to 18 months are available for individuals seeking to break down payments.

Cost of the SAR (stand alone or as a program add on) is $525

For additional information or questions about payment options and/or current promotional rates please contact the directors of STI here.

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Financing Options:

We now accept Affirm, Afterpay, and Klarna for financing options.

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