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Core Knowledge, Sex Therapy, and Sex Counseling CE Packages Stand alone SAR

The Sexuality Training Institute also offers CE packages for each component of training for those who wish to take individual training areas, rather than enrolling into the program to complete all 150 required credit hours.

Human Sexuality Education Core Knowledge Training - 90 Hrs.

This curriculum area includes course topics such as:

  • Ethics and Ethical Decision Making and Behavior

  • Developmental Sexuality across the lifespan from a Bio-Psycho-Social perspective

  • Socio-cultural factors to sexuality

  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Orientation, and Sexual and Gender Fluidity

  • Intimacy and Intimate Relationship

  • Diversity in Sexual Expression and Lifestyle

  • Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

  • Health and Medical factors of Sexual Health and Functioning

  • History and Development of Sexology and Sexuality Research and Education

  • And More!!!

Sex Therapy or Sex Counseling Training - 60 Hrs.

This curriculum area includes course topics such as:

  • Theory and methods of Sex-Related psychotherapy

  • Techniques of Sexuality assessment and diagnosis

  • Interventions within relationship systems

  • Interventions of Sexual concerns and difficulties in intimacy

  • Medical intervention of psychosexual diagnoses

  • Ethical decision-making and best practices in Sex Therapy and Sex Counseling

  • And More!!!

Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) - 15 Hrs.

Each SAR is a unique experience, with a particular focus for each one being held. Topics that may be a focus are:

  • Gender Identity, Expression, and Fluidity

  • Exploration of Fantasy 


  • Self-Pleasure Dynamics and Individual Sexual Exploration

  • Non-Monogamy

  • Sex Work

  • Sexuality and Aging

  • Sexuality and Disability

  • Religious and Spirituality attitudes and Sexuality  

  • And More!!!

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