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Martha Kauppi, MS, LMFT, CSTS has a lifelong career in sexual health, counseling, and creative education. She is currently owner and founder of The Center for Relational Intimacy.


In her first career as a midwife, she worked with families experiencing transitions around pregnancy and childbirth. In this role she attended over 350 births, developing strong skills with family systems counseling, as well as experience guiding and witnessing miracles. Before leaving that career, she replaced herself many times over by developing a 600 hour curriculum based on role play and using it to train midwives to excel with an immeasurably complicated skill set.

Martha then returned to her first love, art. She combined various techniques for working with hot glass in order to explore light, shadow, refraction, and the magic that shifts us from darkness to hope, lifting us up. She still makes and occasionally sells art, most recently working in encaustic. Her interest in the miracle of healing and change is very evident in her current career as a certified sex therapist.

All of the threads of Martha’s previous careers come together now as she works directly with clients, and also trains therapists. Her interest in the miracle of healing and change persists. Her dream is to debunk myths and prominent cultural beliefs that disrupt intimate connections between partners, and help create a world where it is easy to find a therapist who can work effectively with relational intimacy challenges.

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