The Oklahoma Self-Advocacy Network (OKSAN) is a collaborative effort to strengthen the self-advocacy movement in Oklahoma and to increase the inclusion and independence of people with disabilities. It was formed in 2011 after a challenge from the commissioner of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities who asked states to form teams to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. 

In Oklahoma, self-advocates asked their partners to “teach us to do it ourselves.” Self- advocates developed a participatory leadership class, became peer trainers, and created an evaluation process. OKSAN has developed Self-Advocate Leadership Training, Getting Ready for an Emergency, Taking Control of Your Health, How to Deal with a Bully, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Training, and are in the final stages of a sexual health and wellness training. Self-advocates are involved in every aspect of developing and training their curriculum.

The Center for Learning and Leadership (CLL) contracts with Oklahoma People First to provide speaker fees and travel expenses to self-advocate trainers. Assistance is also provided to support staff and OPF advisors to assist in meeting facilitation, trainings, and advocacy efforts. CLL also provides partial funding for OKSAN's project coordinator, Rose-Ann Percival.

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