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Social Justice Commitment Statement

The Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health, and the Sexuality Training Institute, were founded with a social justice mission. 


We (the founders) believe in access to care and professional training.  

We acknowledge that there are historic and current barriers that disallow people from pursuing what is needed to forge successful careers in the field of human sexuality.   In recognizing the need to expand the representation of a diverse set of professionals, we strive to find ways to increase that access in a way that is equitable to the needs of an inclusive and diverse group of professionals. 

We strive to be advocates for social justice and in the promotion of policies that address systemic barriers.  Our commitment is to increase the footprint of a diverse group of sexuality professionals that includes diversity of race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion/spiritual tradition, sexual identity and orientation, differing abilities, nationalities, and many other diversities in the human population. This includes deliberate action steps such as providing need based scholarship opportunities for individuals from marginalized backgrounds.

We believe in the foundational principle of human rights regardless of background, and stand firm in aligning ourselves with marginalized populations to uphold the need for advocacy and social change.

We strive to attend to issues of power, privilege, and oppression in educational courses and professional service.  This includes ongoing self-examination and continued learning, and challenging our own assumptions and values underlying our views, goals, and commitments.

We strive to partner with others to provide quality educational courses in a collaborative process, and fostering the empowerment of marginalized individuals and groups.  We are committed to attending to power differentials and how individual or group difficulties may be shaped by political, societal, institutional, interpersonal, and other contextual power dynamics.

We believe that our goals and commitments are impossible to achieved through our individual actions.  We strive to partner and collaborate with individuals who share similar principles.  We believe that this vision and commitment can be a shared responsibility for our professional community and are committed to ongoing efforts to enact social justice efforts in our professional work.

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