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The Sexuality Training Institute (STI) is the professional training arm of the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health (OCRSH).  Our training philosophy is reflected in the OCRSH emblem and the STI seal.  

The principles we espouse include Scholarship, Cultural Competence and Inclusion, and Sexual Awakening.



Training at STI focuses on the acquisition of core knowledge in human sexuality and the application of that knowledge in the work of Sex Therapists, Sex Counselors, and Sex Educators.  We take a multidisciplinary and integrative approach that focuses on current knowledge from biological and neuro-biological correlates of sexuality, and research and evidence based models of therapeutic intervention, including systemic, cognitive, behavioral, relational and sexual medicine approaches to treatment.  Training modules include didactic presentations, scholarly research article study and reflection, and applied case study discussion.


Cultural Competence and Inclusion: 


The Founders and faculty at STI espouse a solid belief in expanding cultural competency within the field of applied human sexuality, and working towards greater inclusion of a diverse representation of professionals in our community.  Efforts to include discussions of diversity throughout all training modules, presenters, and topic areas are of high importance at STI.  This includes, but is not limited to, inclusion of Racial/Ethnic, Gender, Sexual Identity, SES, Spiritual/Religious, Age, Nationality, Physical and Mental ability differences, and more.  Additionally, the commitment to reducing barriers to diverse individuals who are wanting to pursue work in this field includes the availability of a partial BIPOC scholarship towards the program for those who qualify.     

Sexual Awakening:

At STI, we believe that professional work in human sexuality isn't restricted to simply academic knowledge and application, but also a deeply personal journey of our own sexual awakening.  We are not immune from the impact of our respective cultural background messaging about sexuality, and processing our own internal reactions and belief system is at the core of the work we do.  STI works to help individuals in their own journey, respecting each unique person and the changes that occur throughout the program.  Engagement in the SAR experience and beyond aims to help support that journey.  

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